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   Press Release issued in the Press Conference
   New Delhi, 18th November 2017

An AIKS delegation led by President Dr Ashok Dhawale visited Ghatmika village in Bharatpur district of Rajasthan yesterday, November 17, to meet the family members of Ummar Mohammed Khan, a poor dairy farmer and daily wage labourer who was murdered by Gaurakshaks in Alwar in Rajasthan on November 10, 2017.  The delegation also met the Alwar SP Rahul Prakash and Deputy SP Anil Beniwal, discussed the seriousness of the crime and stressed the need for stringent action against the culprits.

The AIKS delegation included President Dr Ashok Dhawale, Joint Secretary Vijoo Krishnan, Finance Secretary P Krishnaprasad, Rajasthan State Secretary Chhagan Choudhury, Vice President Gurcharan Singh Morh, Bharatpur District Secretary Nathilal Sharma, President Rambo Hawaldar and Imam Assamohammed of Bharatpur.

 According to the SP, the postmortem report has confirmed two bullet injuries as the cause of death of Ummar Khan. He also said two culprits have been arrested so far and search for five more suspects is going on. Steps to provide compensation to the victim are being considered. 

The delegation found the family very poor and under severe distress. They are living by selling milk and occasional daily wage from rural work. The entire village is backward and poverty ridden. The village has 450 houses in which around 400 are Muslim families. The village has around 1000 cows apart from buffalos and the main income is from dairying. The price of one liter milk is Rs. 20 only which is very low and the villagers are facing distress in general. There is no development in the region. Cow rearing is the major livelihood support to the village.      

The family members and the villagers said that there is no case registered against Ummar Khan thus challenging the claim made by the Alwar police in a written press statement. The SP claims that it was a case of cow smuggling since there is no tax receipt from the cattle market. Purchasing and selling cows is not legally banned in Rajasthan by any Act. When the villagers sell and purchase cows from other households there is no system of receipts. Without any complaint about cow theft from anybody, the fact that the Alwar police have registered a case of cow smuggling against the victim underlines the prejudiced mindset of the police and administration.

The family members have pointed out that the doctor on duty at Alwar Hospital had stated that the death was not due to firing since there was no bullet found in the X-ray. Then the family members and the villagers objected to conducting post mortem at Alwar and thus the police was forced to refer the body to Jaipur for post mortem. In Jaipur the post mortem confirmed death due to two bullet injuries. The murder happened at Gahankar village in Bharatpur district. The vehicle was found at Govindgarh and the body was found 15 km away on the railway tracks in Ramgarh. There was a conscious effort by the criminals to misguide the public that it was an accidental death, and the behaviour of the Alwar doctor is unconvincing.

AIKS has been consistently fighting the communal forces and the killer Gaurakshaks who are continuously committing crimes including mob lynching. So far more than 30 people have died in such attacks after the Prime Minister Narendra Modi assumed power in 2014. In the Pehlu Khan case also the real culprits were left scot-free by the police and the Rajasthan Government and not a single paisa was given to the victim’s family as compensation. 

The Supreme Court had to intervene and direct the Central Government and State Governments to deploy nodal police officers at the district level to control the illegal activities of so called ‘Gaurakshaks’ and ensure adequate compensation to victims of such mob violence. However, the BJP-led State and Central Governments, rather than heeding the constitutional authorities, seem to work on orders from the RSS headquarters in Nagpur.

These chains of crimes divide the people on communal lines and if allowed to continue will divide the people and destroy the unity of the country in the long run. Hence all the secular and democratic forces must come forward to isolate the killer Gaurakshaks and the RSS-BJP that are patronizing these elements.

The AIKS demands from the Central Government and the State Government the following:
1.      Immediate arrest of all the culprits responsible for the murder of Ummar Khan.
2.      Rs. One crore as compensation to the victim’s family and Rs. 25 lakh to those injured.
3.      Institution of a judicial enquiry into the Ummar Khan murder case.
4.      The Government must ensure cattle trade and those Governments that ban slaughter must amend cow protection act to purchase unproductive animals paying market rate. 
5.      Ban unlawful organizations like Gaurakshaks with immediate effect.

The press conference held in New Delhi today was addressed by Hannan Mollah, Dr Ashok Dhawale, N K Shukla, Vijoo Krishnan and P Krishnaprasad on behalf of the AIKS. 

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